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Dos Rios Cantina

An upscale Mexican Bar and Restaurant serving a modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine in an energetic environment. Our focus on Mexican inspired art is there to provide an experience like no other in Binghamton, NY!

We pride ourselves on providing a unique drinking and dining experience, with a thriving night life, in the Downtown Binghamton Community.

Outdoor patio & socially-distanced dining available!

Please wear a mask!

Top Notch Work Environment:

We are happy to offer a place where our employees not only enjoy working at but a place that offers them room for growth, so they see Dos Rios Cantina as a career path, not just a job.

Quality Ingredients and Products:

The ingredients we use and the products we sell are always in alignment with our core business values. We use only the best ingredients and find that by holding ourselves to a higher standard, that in turn helps elevate our customers dining experience. With over 120 different tequilas, we are able to accommodate anyone that is looking for something different.

Giving Back to The Local Community:

We are proud to be part of such an amazing local community and the revitalization of Downtown Binghamton. We care about our customers and being able to give back as much as we can. We strive to make Dos Rios Cantina a local hotspot where family and friends gather.

Unique Environment:

We wanted people to feel as if they stepped out of everyday life when they walk into Dos Rios! We incorporated local and internationally famous artists to create an unbelievably unique experience. From the outdoor patio, to the one of a kind 60 foot mural, all the way down to the details leading into the restrooms… even our chandeliers will catch your eye when you step in!